Residential & Commercial Contracting Services

Evansville, Indiana

Baize Contracting is a full service contracting company located in Evansville, IN that offers professional residential and commercial renovation, remodel and repair services to the greater Evansville area. We offer construction contractors, which can do anything from new construction projects to remodeling of your current home. We also offer heating and air installations, repair and maintenance as well as residential, commercial and new construction plumbing. Baize Contracting is family owned and operated. As such, we pride ourselves on excellent and honest customer service while providing superior craftsmanship.

We’ve Gone Green!

Evansville, Indiana

Baize Contracting is proud to be on board with the “green” movement, showing customers the best options for their project to reduce energy consumption. By using our resources more efficiently we create a healthier and more energy efficient home. Green building success is determined based upon the size of footprint we leave on the environment. Through conservation of resources efforts and balancing energy-efficient products we make a lighter impact on the environment.

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